Choosing The Best Rat Bait When Undertaking Rat Control

When involved with not only farming, but also aviaries, catering, bunkers, ships, zoos, or anywhere else where grain and food are stored, you may have had experience of a very common enemy – rats.  Whether rats have been a past problem, are a current problem, or are a problem that you have not personally faced but wisely endeavor to keep on top of, rat control is of imperative importance in many environments.  Furthermore, it is equally important that you choose rat bait that eliminates vermin as effectively as possible, in as humane a way as possible.

As far as your business is concerned, rats can cause untold amounts of damage, resulting in detrimental effects to the health and safety of your operations, plus your bottom line profits.  In the absence of top quality rat bait, it is not only your livelihood that is literally eaten into.  Rats are also notorious for consuming buildings, electrical wiring, and insulation.  On aviaries, farms, and zoos, they present a clear and present danger to unhatched eggs and chicks. Therefore, befitting rat bait can be a great ally in your rat control mission.

When choosing rat bait to best suit your requirements, a useful tip is to look for one that does not have grain in its list of ingredients.  Rats are well known for being extremely clever creatures.  It stands to sense that they probably will not be tempted by grain-based rat bait if they have a veritable banquet of grain and other attractive foodstuffs to dine on.  Hence, you need to be just as smart and incorporate enticing rat bait that appeals to their senses of taste and smell into your rat control efforts.

It is also worth considering rat bait that offers you long-term rat control success, rather than a quick fix that will simply see the problem recurring again within a short period of time.  It is a known fact that rats nest in groups of approximately 300, and they are quick to identify unexpected deaths and symptoms of poisoning amongst their rank and file.  The most effective rat bait on the market works over a period of five to seven days.  This results in a higher chance of eradication of an entire nest, rather than just a few quick deaths that alert other rats and make them rat bait shy.

Ratblitz provides your overall solution to effective, humane and sustainable rat control.  It is a tried and tested product manufactured by trusted Ruth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia, and is the first choice rat bait used by thousands of farmers and other industries.